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Aaron Kennerly PLS, LLC provides land surveying services for private and commercial customers in Allegany, Wyoming and Cattaraugus Counties. We are located in Arcade, New York and offer Boundary Surveying, Topographic Surveying, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Drainage Surveys, and FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates. Our vast experience and knowledge of working in the state of New York allows us to provide a higher level of service than most national firms can provide to this area. Because we are a small Land Surveying firm, we are not bogged down by the red tape and job specific staff found in larger firms. This enables timely completion of all projects and an ability of everyone here to answer any questions relating to a particular project. 


Only a Licensed Land Surveyor can legally find and mark your property lines. If anyone besides a Licensed Land Surveyor offers to mark your property lines, those marks should be considered approximate and for your reference only. Many times we are approached by clients whose neighbor has had their property marked by other professionals such as timber companies, fencing contractors, realtors, etc. These professionals are not trained for this type of work and will not invest the time and research necessary to arrive at a well reasoned opinion as to where the property lines actually exist. Please remember that one or two stakes by themselves do not prove the correct location of a property line. You as the person who will ultimately be open to litigation from your neighbors should demand that your property be marked by a Licensed Land Surveyor.
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